Dear Mama…

Mothers day is around the corner and although my family has never been overly festive on this day; (Mother’s Day tended to be more about the wonderful Grandmothers in our life) I must say that I am rather touched by all the articles I’m seeing about people’s relationships with their mothers – because the older I get, the more emotional I get. I guess the old saying is true, that we really do become our mothers.

Here is mine:

mom flowers
Her name is Carley and I was not yet a blush on her cheek when this photo was taken

Before I dive into my relationship with my mother (which is great by the way) it’s important to note that she has always adored her own mother and held a close relationship to her. I was brought up with endless stories about what her life was like growing up, and how her mother’s values impacted and guided her in the years to follow. Continue reading “Dear Mama…”

The Struggle is Real – Procrastination is life

I’ve been slowly picking my way through Tim Ferriss’ “Tools of Titans” which is essentially a Coles Notes-style collection of his best pod-cast interviews, summed up and categorized in layman’s terms. This was a gift my boyfriend had requested (and got) for Christmas, which I quickly snaffled for myself to read shortly after he opened it, a common occurrence in our household. Anyway, while reading I came across
this interview with writer and comedian, Whitney Cummings:

Perfectionism leads to Procrastination…which leads to Paralysis”
Whitney Cummings, on productivity and self-esteem. 

Get out of my Brain, Whitney!

I’ve had this particular quote flagged for literally, months wanting to write about it. Her words mirror exactly how I nonsensically view any, and all types of written work that I do. I want everything (including this blog) to be perfect*, and it takes days, weeks even before I hit the “Publish” button; which is always done with a quick, deep breath in, like I’m about to jump into freezing cold water. Exhilarating and terrifying all at once.
* Perfect in terms of authenticity, and feeling- not grammar, MOM and other grammar sharks out there! 

What’s great (in theory) about having a blog is having the creative license to do with it, whatever I want. My particular hurdle to continue writing, however is that because I’m tied to this, as it’s MY passion project and a representation of ME – is that I get stuck.   Some may see this as an “Oh Well-type situation” but this feeling of “stuck-ness” aka procrastination, can be debilitating.
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Me and my Mountain Bike: A Love/Sometimes Hate Story

This winter brought a record dumping of snow in Squamish- It was crazy!
Despite making the best of it and embracing winter I think we all started to grow a little tired of it…Ok…a lot tired of it.

The arrival of spring – FIIIIIINAAAAAAALLY has me thinking more about sunshine, green spaces and getting back on my bike!

Myself and Sue riding Half Nelson, Squamish BC

In the last few years I’ve come along way on the ol’ mountain bike. I bought my first “Big girl bike” as I like to call it, a dual-suspension Norco Sight for those who want to know. I competed in my first race* and have taken some incredible riding trips all over BC.

* By race I mean fun, encouraging, AMAZING womens’ only social-enduro (where only the downhill portions are timed and scantily-clad male volunteers shoot vodka at you from water guns….I know, right?)

Hot on Your Heels (2016) | Photo credit: Adrian C. Armstrong

When I first started mountain biking- which was WAY back in 2008, I legitimately cried my way down the easiest trail on the mountain. It was a women’s night at Whistler Blackcomb Bike Park and I was terrified! After that first experience, I did end up taking a few more group lessons but had mixed feelings about the sport. It was HARD and it was SCARY and there were plenty of perceived and actual risks involved- in fact, there still are- obviously. Continue reading “Me and my Mountain Bike: A Love/Sometimes Hate Story”

Thoughts on Winter…

Here in Squamish (and on the West Coast in general) we experience pretty mild winters; mostly rain, with a few snowfalls from time to time… this year being the exception. We’ve had one for the books, with piles upon piles of snow! And I’m not complaining – I made sure to get outside and enjoy it while it lasted…and lasted and lasted and lasted.

sunset from Whistler Olympic Park

The beginning of winter was full of action, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, tons of winter hikes and building snowmen (after all, I work with kids) even a couple of days skiing up in Whistler- I wanted to make the best of it while it lasted.

But as it continued to snow… and then slowly transitioned to rain, followed by more rain, things started to slow down. The idea of staying inside and bundling up in a cocoon of blankets seemed more appealing. Lighting a fire and reading a book on a rainy afternoon has become my new life and it feels damn good!

Which leads me to this passage I read about the instinctual feeling winter leaves with us:

“-As the season shifts, you can feel that mystery approaching. Winter has always been the slumbering time, the season of reflection, of rest, of preparation for another season of growth that is always promised, always fulfilled.” – Richard Wagamese, One Story One Song 

I think we all can admit to feelings of boredom, or restlessness in the deep of winter especially if you live in an outdoorsy, active community like I do. As spring approaches however,  I encourage you to make the most of your inside time while you have it, without feeling guilty, or lazy.

The days are getting longer and before we know it, spring will be here and that cozy, snug as a bug feeling will dissipate along with the frost. So get a book, (or stack of books) sip on some tea (or wine?) do some journaling/crafting/poetry/yoga/meditation/fill in the blank – make the limited time you have indoors, special… or, dare I say, sacred?




I Am Not A Runner

For years, this has been the dialogue between myself, and running.

I don’t do it.

All my memories of  running (like being forced to run in gym class for example) were those of unpleasant sloggs along the side of the road, sore legs, short staggered breath and a constant, burning desire to quit, IMMEDIATELY. Continue reading “I Am Not A Runner”

A Year in Review – Adventures of 2016


Ireland – June 2016

My boyfriend is from Ireland, so luckily for me we got invited to a wedding and decided to make a holiday out of the trip!  Although we spent most of our time in and around County Cork, we also visited Dublin with a quick stop over to see family in London, England too.

I had been to Ireland before and had done a lot of the more touristy things (Cliffs of Moher, Giants Causeway, etc) So this time we decided to stay between Cork and Dublin and do day trips.

In just over two weeks we managed to sneak in a trip to the Middleton Whiskey Distillery, Guinness Storehouse and Trinity College (Dublin), hiked in the Wicklow Mountains, visited Lismore Castle, Nohoval Cove  and many other spots along the way.

Highlights included driving fast on country roads, eating black pudding, visiting friends upon friends upon friends and of course, drinking TONS of Guinness.  I also held a chicken, which was no small feat.

The wedding was a SPECTACULARLY good time, Pete and I cleaned up pretty well, the sun made a timely appearance and despite my hangover the next day I was able to (almost) keep up drinking with the Irish.




Journal More…Complain Less

I’ve always written in a journal, for as long as I can remember. It was never a constant practice, but it was there when I needed it. If I wanted to doodle, if I wanted to keep track of all my summer adventures, or in moments of stress or crisis; I could vent without the pressure of judgement or somebody telling me how to solve my problems.

When it comes to keeping a journal, I’ve recognized a pattern in my behaviour that I’m sure is familiar for many; I found that I would start writing for a while, get what I needed out of it and discontinue. This would go on for weeks at a time before picking it back up again, always followed by the feeling of “damn, why don’t I do this more often!?”
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A Year in Review – Books Read in 2016

2016 was a record year for me (in terms of reading, anyway) Firstly, because I actually managed to keep a record of what I’d read, and secondly, because I’d intended to read more and actually followed through with that intention. (yay, me!) Continue reading “A Year in Review – Books Read in 2016”

Happy Canada Day, from Ireland 

Nohoval cove, Cork 

For the last two weeks I’ve been travelling the southern Coast of Ireland from Dublin to Cork. Originally visiting for a wedding, we’ve managed to squeeze in a few sights amidst all the drinking and catching up with friends.

Here we have a few stormy shots of Nohoval Cove in County Cork.

After a short but steep walk up the cliffside you get some amazing views from the top. 

A beautiful spot, we had all to ourselves! If I wasn’t travelling with a local I’d have never found this place in a million years. 

Wheat fields blowing in the wind behind usa stop into Kinsale for lunchWe were after a pint of Stonewell Cider, made in Nohoval. Found it here at the Bullman in Kinsale. 

A great day of food and fresh air! Excellent cure for a hangover… Or so I’m told! 

June 8th- Today I’m grateful for…

First remove shammy, Then have a drink

Friend’s who ride bikes!
These 3 lovely ladies and I met up in Whistler, BC for a trail ride around Lost Lake Park. I think the feeling was mutual when I say what a perfect fit the 4 of us are together as riding buddies. Followed by parking lot beverages and raunchy debate on preferred terms for the word Vagina- because no all-female ride would be complete without acknowledgment of ones lady parts!