Good things come to those who REST

It has been a whirl wind of a month! …and exactly 30 days since my last post
How Lame!

Between completing the 30 Day Yoga commitment in March, hopping between 3 jobs and coping with the recent death of a family member, you could say there’s been A LOT going on! Lots of stress that is.

Stress always seems to manifest itself in mysterious ways. My shoulders have been constantly bugging me for weeks now, maybe even months and I finally decided to do something about it. For the last 2-3 weeks I’ve been going between the chiropractor and acupuncturist to give my poor ol’ shoulders a little loving. (I am lucky enough to work in an environment of wellness practitioners where accessing this type of treatment is pretty easy). So I decided to cool it with the downward facing dogs and handstand practice to simply let my body rest! I started visiting the infra-red sauna at work more often and drinking a lot more water.
so I did that for a bit…

And then I basically went headfirst into about 15 other activities to keep myself busy again! Since 1 job wasn’t enough I applied for a second-this is on top of teaching, and things are starting to pile up for me again. I am feeling the stress and anxiety creep back into my system and my body is not responding well! Today I was hit with a monster headache and have been absolutely useless ever since. This might be due to the 4 long days I spent on the water training for another kayak instructors course; hot sun, COLD water and probably some mild dehydration. Or it might a bit of anxiety around the fact that I am juggling too many tasks at once, I don’t know which direction I’m supposed to go in, or how I am actually going to fit it all in. Or maybe the fact that I am swimming in student loan debt and think my head might actually explode!

Basically I just keep running myself into the ground! Hopefully I can organize my work/life situation over the next few weeks which will provide some clarity and much-needed relief. I don’t have any answers I’m just doing my best to go with the flow this time around.

…and maybe go to bed a little earlier.

Author: Maré

outdoorsy girl with a thirst for travel, yoga, music, books, food and adventure (and also cats, I love cats)

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