A Year in Review – Books Read in 2016

2016 was a record year for me (in terms of reading, anyway) Firstly, because I actually managed to keep a record of what I’d read, and secondly, because I’d intended to read more and actually followed through with that intention. (yay, me!)

The OCD in me HAD to classify and organize this list – but here you are, without further ado:

What Makes Olga Run? – Bruce Grierson
The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up – Marie Kondo
The Hormone Protocol – Sarah Gotfried
The Wealthy Barber Returns – David Chilton
Only 10’s- Using Distraction to get the Right Things Done (incomplete) – Mark J. Silverman
Eat, Prey, Love Made Me Do It – Elizabeth Gilbert *actually, this is a collection of stories sent to her, from her readers
Happy at Home (incomplete- still reading!) – Gretchen Rubin
The M.E.L.T. Method – Sue Hitzmann
The Power of When – Michael Breus
The Gifts of Imperfection – Brené Brown

North of Normal – Sea Sunrise Person
Wild – Cheryl Strayed
This is Not My Beautiful Life – Victoria Fedden
Yes Please! – Amy Poehler
The Curve of Time – M. Wylie Blanchett

The Light in the Ruins – Chris Bojalian
Pax – Sarah Pennypacker * this is a children’s book- I was inspired to read more children’s books after following Gretchen Rubin’s antics via her writing and blog.
Secret Relations – Annabel Dilke
The Best of Me – Nicholas Sparks
The Lucky One – Nicholas Sparks
Lolita (incomplete)- Vladimir Nabokov
The English Patient (incomplete) – Michael Ondaatje

Audio Recording 
Furiously Happy (incomplete) – Jenny Lawson
Not That Kind of Girl – Lena Dunham
The 4-Hour Work Week – Timothy Ferriss
What are you Hungry For? (incomplete) – Deepak Chopra

A few notes on this list:

Incomplete’s: I felt obligated to be honest, and state when I didn’t actually complete a book- some of which were because I picked up a book at the wrong time, strongly disagreed with the content (eh hem, Lolita- barf) or just didn’t feel enthused continue. This was a great lesson to learn- it’s OK not to finish a book, regardless of the reasoning behind it. Reading is for pleasure not for sacrifice.

Audiobooks:  I started listening to audiobooks! I didn’t think I’d like this… but it was a fun way to learn more, or get my “reading fix” when I otherwise wouldn’t be able to. I recommend pairing a good audiobook with a long drive, or walk outside. Something I struggled with while listening, was the author/narrator’s voice; having the author read themselves (Lena Dunham, for example) is amazing and adds so much to the experience- other times I had to give up because I just-couldn’t-handle-it. This of course, is subjective to the listener.

For 2017’s reading, I’ve been inspired by This Reading Challenge which focuses on reading smarter, instead of just reading more. I was drawn to the idea of challenging myself to read different types of books, as well as taking the time to pause, reflect and even journal about the experiences. For the moment, I am using This App to download audio books from my Library (for FREE) while I choose my next read. If you have a personal favourite, or “must-read!” for 2017 please share! I’ll add it to my ever expanding list!


Author: Maré

outdoorsy girl with a thirst for travel, yoga, music, books, food and adventure (and also cats, I love cats)

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