A Year in Review – Adventures of 2016


Ireland – June 2016

My boyfriend is from Ireland, so luckily for me we got invited to a wedding and decided to make a holiday out of the trip!  Although we spent most of our time in and around County Cork, we also visited Dublin with a quick stop over to see family in London, England too.

I had been to Ireland before and had done a lot of the more touristy things (Cliffs of Moher, Giants Causeway, etc) So this time we decided to stay between Cork and Dublin and do day trips.

In just over two weeks we managed to sneak in a trip to the Middleton Whiskey Distillery, Guinness Storehouse and Trinity College (Dublin), hiked in the Wicklow Mountains, visited Lismore Castle, Nohoval Cove  and many other spots along the way.

Highlights included driving fast on country roads, eating black pudding, visiting friends upon friends upon friends and of course, drinking TONS of Guinness.  I also held a chicken, which was no small feat.

The wedding was a SPECTACULARLY good time, Pete and I cleaned up pretty well, the sun made a timely appearance and despite my hangover the next day I was able to (almost) keep up drinking with the Irish.




Author: Maré

outdoorsy girl with a thirst for travel, yoga, music, books, food and adventure (and also cats, I love cats)

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