So far so good… But…

DAY 7 of 30 Day Yoga Commitment

Things are going relatively smoothly so far (after all its only been 7 days) HOWEVER… there was always going to be bumps in the road, wasn’t there? As I continue, I’ve been noticing all the little aches and pains associated with  regular, continuous exercise after a brief hiatus from it. Coupled with a sore, tired body my mind is throwing me for a loop right now.

Since I began teaching on a more regular basis, my own personal practice actually slowed down- I’m sure many new teachers can attest to this. Your focus shifts towards class planning, or the time that you would otherwise be using for personal practice is now taken up with traveling to and from the studio, teaching and in my case heading off to my other job after that. Part of the reason I decided to do this 30 day commitment was to re-instate my yoga habit and to have my body feel GOOD again!

Getting to class is easy enough, it’s working around barriers of pain and fatigue that are the real challenges. I’ve noticed my level of frustration increase greatly, not necessarily in yoga class, but everywhere! In controlled circumstances, such as in a yoga class I can be much more forgiving of my own limitations then I can outside in my everyday life.

I went cross-country skiing (after a Flow class in Whistler, of course) and for the first half it was great. I was loving it, I was open-minded and patient with myself until I wasn’t. I joke around that I’m generally a pretty poor sport, but its the truth! If things aren’t going my way and I’m not picking up on it as easily as I’d like, it’s not fun anymore and I’m certainly not fun to be around. My partner had to witness me having a full on XC-Ski Tantrum. I threw my ski pole and stomped my foot (yes, just like a little kid) and after falling over, had to give myself a time-out in the snow until I cooled off a bit. Luckily I was around somebody trusting, who knows and cares about me. Strangers don’t gotta see that!

The next day I went to Cross Fit and had some trouble with my elbow during a pull-up exercise. This was after a pretty crazy day: being stuck on the Sea to Sky highway for 2 hours due to an accident and missing a work meeting (stress, tears and grumpiness ensued) I was ready for a good ol’ sweaty workout to alleviate the troubles of my day. Once my elbow started acting up I lost my mojo and that same process of frustration, anger and blame came about. I didn’t like my trainer, the gym was too busy, blah blah blah. I tried to externalize all the problems that were bothering me, most of which were only going on in my head.

What I’m taking from this (because sometimes you really DO have to learn the same lesson over and over again) is…. that just like yoga, it takes practice to be committed to something, MORE practice to be good at it and EVEN MORE practice to keep your head up when things aren’t going your way.


3 down…27 to go

It is now day 3 of the 30 day Yoga Commitment.
Since beginning I have tried to find variety in my classes but am also factoring in my main intention -BALANCE- as I plan my weekly class schedule. After all, planning is essential in order to keep me on track! I’m fortunate enough to have access to Yoga in all 4 corners of my own personal globe (the Vancouver lower-mainland) So depending on my mood, schedule and physical state I can find a suitable class, so long as I put some thought into it.

Yesterday was ALSO a CrossFit day and luckily a pretty mellow one at that. To match my Mellow Sunday vibe I headed into Vancouver and did a Yin Yoga class with one of my girlfriends, followed by a delicious Indian feast! (Que weekly Sunday ritual)  Yin Yoga is a particular style of yoga focused on meditation and deep stretching of the connective tissues, or fascia. It is a perfect balance if you regularly practice “Yang” activities such as power yoga, endurance sports or anything high energy.

Speaking of high energy, today I am heading into Squamish to visit my special man-friend and try our luck at cross country skiing in the Callaghan Valley! Today’s menu will be a 45 minute Hot Yoga class, in downtown Vancouver where I can catch the bus up North afterwards. The 45 minute classes are offered Downtown to those who practice on their lunch break, that way they have enough time to get back to work- How awesome is that!?… Yoga for everyone, every (damn) day! 


So today is the day I begin my first Official 30 Day Commitment to Yoga. I work for a Yoga studio chain in Vancouver who annually offers a 30 Day challenge or “commitment”. The idea is that it takes the body and mind at least 30 days to form a new habit, or to break out of an existing one that isn’t serving. I’ve been put up to this by my work colleagues and was happy to accept the challenge – a little healthy competition between friends is welcomed! Doing this together means that we can hold each other accountable. 1 class a day for the next 30 days….

I find my commitment (or my struggle) to do a daily yoga practice comes and goes… the more I do, the more I want to do… and visa verse. During my teacher training my body went through all kinds of changes as I continually broadened my knowledge and my physical practice. I found initially that I was exhausted, my body was sore and tired… then slowly I began to feel more energetic and began to crave our daily practice before we settled down into our textbooks. It’s incredible how quickly this happens as well!

I notice I go through phases where I am moving LOTS getting outside for walks, going snowshoeing and skiing, hitting the gym or attending yoga class as often as I can. Other times I go through these lazy phases where all I want to do is read, and sit inside wrapped in a bundle of blankets – oh, and eat. Everything. Either option can be exhausting if done in excess… so the key piece here (and throughout this 30 day challenge) is to find BALANCE. Therefor to support my success in this venture I pledge to commit also to:
– drink more water
– get ENOUGH sleep (this is HUGE)
– allow myself an hour of quiet time, everyday (again, Balance)

Coincidentally this 30 day commitment  also falls during the same time as my FREE month of CROSS FIT training… How I swung that will be subject to another post.

Let the March Madness Begin!