The Struggle is Real – Procrastination is life

I’ve been slowly picking my way through Tim Ferriss’ “Tools of Titans” which is essentially a Coles Notes-style collection of his best pod-cast interviews, summed up and categorized in layman’s terms. This was a gift my boyfriend had requested (and got) for Christmas, which I quickly snaffled for myself to read shortly after he opened it, a common occurrence in our household. Anyway, while reading I came across
this interview with writer and comedian, Whitney Cummings:

Perfectionism leads to Procrastination…which leads to Paralysis”
Whitney Cummings, on productivity and self-esteem. 

Get out of my Brain, Whitney!

I’ve had this particular quote flagged for literally, months wanting to write about it. Her words mirror exactly how I nonsensically view any, and all types of written work that I do. I want everything (including this blog) to be perfect*, and it takes days, weeks even before I hit the “Publish” button; which is always done with a quick, deep breath in, like I’m about to jump into freezing cold water. Exhilarating and terrifying all at once.
* Perfect in terms of authenticity, and feeling- not grammar, MOM and other grammar sharks out there! 

What’s great (in theory) about having a blog is having the creative license to do with it, whatever I want. My particular hurdle to continue writing, however is that because I’m tied to this, as it’s MY passion project and a representation of ME – is that I get stuck.   Some may see this as an “Oh Well-type situation” but this feeling of “stuck-ness” aka procrastination, can be debilitating.
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