Thoughts on Winter…

Here in Squamish (and on the West Coast in general) we experience pretty mild winters; mostly rain, with a few snowfalls from time to time… this year being the exception. We’ve had one for the books, with piles upon piles of snow! And I’m not complaining – I made sure to get outside and enjoy it while it lasted…and lasted and lasted and lasted.

sunset from Whistler Olympic Park

The beginning of winter was full of action, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, tons of winter hikes and building snowmen (after all, I work with kids) even a couple of days skiing up in Whistler- I wanted to make the best of it while it lasted.

But as it continued to snow… and then slowly transitioned to rain, followed by more rain, things started to slow down. The idea of staying inside and bundling up in a cocoon of blankets seemed more appealing. Lighting a fire and reading a book on a rainy afternoon has become my new life and it feels damn good!

Which leads me to this passage I read about the instinctual feeling winter leaves with us:

“-As the season shifts, you can feel that mystery approaching. Winter has always been the slumbering time, the season of reflection, of rest, of preparation for another season of growth that is always promised, always fulfilled.” – Richard Wagamese, One Story One Song 

I think we all can admit to feelings of boredom, or restlessness in the deep of winter especially if you live in an outdoorsy, active community like I do. As spring approaches however,  I encourage you to make the most of your inside time while you have it, without feeling guilty, or lazy.

The days are getting longer and before we know it, spring will be here and that cozy, snug as a bug feeling will dissipate along with the frost. So get a book, (or stack of books) sip on some tea (or wine?) do some journaling/crafting/poetry/yoga/meditation/fill in the blank – make the limited time you have indoors, special… or, dare I say, sacred?