Me and my Mountain Bike: A Love/Sometimes Hate Story

This winter brought a record dumping of snow in Squamish- It was crazy!
Despite making the best of it and embracing winter I think we all started to grow a little tired of it…Ok…a lot tired of it.

The arrival of spring – FIIIIIINAAAAAAALLY has me thinking more about sunshine, green spaces and getting back on my bike!

Myself and Sue riding Half Nelson, Squamish BC

In the last few years I’ve come along way on the ol’ mountain bike. I bought my first “Big girl bike” as I like to call it, a dual-suspension Norco Sight for those who want to know. I competed in my first race* and have taken some incredible riding trips all over BC.

* By race I mean fun, encouraging, AMAZING womens’ only social-enduro (where only the downhill portions are timed and scantily-clad male volunteers shoot vodka at you from water guns….I know, right?)

Hot on Your Heels (2016) | Photo credit: Adrian C. Armstrong

When I first started mountain biking- which was WAY back in 2008, I legitimately cried my way down the easiest trail on the mountain. It was a women’s night at Whistler Blackcomb Bike Park and I was terrified! After that first experience, I did end up taking a few more group lessons but had mixed feelings about the sport. It was HARD and it was SCARY and there were plenty of perceived and actual risks involved- in fact, there still are- obviously. Continue reading “Me and my Mountain Bike: A Love/Sometimes Hate Story”

Aah… Spring is here!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirpin’ away and everybody seems happy! 

Spring has arrived!

I just returned home from teaching a yoga class and am feeling pumped to get outside. I’ve created a list of fun outdoorsy things I want to accomplish all at the same time. For now though, I will settle to slowly work towards ticking them off one by one.

Ah hem, To name a few: 

1. Get Gardening! my sister planted kale on our patio last year and its back with a vengeance! Stoked to plant more veggies, fruit and flowers.
2. SEA WALL If you haven’t been to Vancouver and walked/run/roller skated/biked around the Stanley Park Sea Wall you are MISSING OUT my friend- add it to your own personal list.
3. Hike around! Vancouver and the lower mainland are packed full of beautiful places to have a leisurely stroll along an estuary, or hike to the top of a cliff overlooking the ocean, and all the goodies in between.
4. Patio Drinks (obviously)  What “spring-time outdoorsy fun-list” doesn’t include sitting in the sunshine with a nice cold refreshing something?
5. Last but not least… connect with an old, forgotten friend currently residing in the basement… I’m talking about my BIKE (Ramone, yes my bike has a name) and is in fact the main reason for this post. I miss riding my bike!


Ramone is that shiny bright orange Commencal hard-tale towards the right. My first, brand new mountain bike! I was lucky enough to start riding in Whistler, BC one of the top mountain bike destinations in the world! 

Don’t be fooled by my bad-ass appearance in the above photograph- I am mediocre at best when it comes to mountain biking, but Whatever! I really enjoy it and have learned a lot about myself in the process. I began riding in 2008 when I lived in Whistler and can say without shame that the first time I rode in the bike park I cried the whole way down, and hated the entire experience. Mountain biking for me, has been an excellent way to build self confidence, overcome fears and feel like one tough chick over all. Since I started riding, I’ve ridden trails in the Whistler Valley, in and around Squamish, Vancouver Island and New Zealand! 


As of late I’ve been busy with other things, aka YOGA, TRAVEL, KAYAKING GUIDING and moving back home where the trails are…not so much. I haven’t ridden my bike in over 6 months and am just itching to get back on it. It’s going to be interesting building up my endurance once more to be able to pedal up-hill for long periods of time, to gain the stamina and balance to get over obstacles and quite frankly, have the balls to ride with confidence again! It will be a process I’m sure, but as the saying goes “it’s just like riding a bike” you never really forget. 

Me posing in front of Green Lake, Whistler BC

Me and my friend Sue on a misty day in Squamish, BC. 

Happy, smiling faces after a ride on “The Shore” (North Vancouver’s Mtn. Fromme) Another cause to celebrate- this girl to my right, Sieneke just received news of her Canadian Residency, CONGRATS SIENEKE!