Kythira Island, Greece 2013

Kythira Island, Greece 2013

As it rains here in Vancouver I am remembering Greece and this beautiful sunset

I have been feeling reminiscent of my travels lately. Reading travel blogs, looking up ticket prices (just out of curiosity) and day dreaming about warmer climates and the pure freedom that is associated with traveling, it leaves me with the taste of MORE!

So I posted the shot above, taken by a fellow yogi on a Kundalini Yoga teacher training/retreat on Kithira Island, Greece. Now, initially I didn’t like this photo, I wasn’t happy about my body weight during this time and like most girls, picked the image apart and ruined it for myself. In fact I have only 3 or 4 images of myself during 6 weeks of travel- simply because I am too judgemental about what I see.  I realize how stupid this is… so I’m sharing it with you now as an act of defiance- against myself! I was not posing, I was having a beautiful moment with myself in the sunset, I can literally feel the wind on my face still and can see by my expression that I was having an absolute blast- there is nothing I should be ashamed of about this photo. I took the journey of a lifetime- and it was a wild series of events that even lead me to Kithira in the first place. I was so fortunate to have this experience, make lasting friendships and learn so much about myself in the process. This trip inspired me to start teaching yoga when I got back to Vancouver and to start this blog… which is a work in progress.
I want everything I write (and do for that matter) to come from a place of inspiration, just like this trip was for me and even this specific photograph. Its a reminder to me to be content and to be proud of what I look like and who I am. A reminder to try and live my daily life with as much passion and presence as I felt when this picture was taken. Full of bliss, totally free.

3 down…27 to go

It is now day 3 of the 30 day Yoga Commitment.
Since beginning I have tried to find variety in my classes but am also factoring in my main intention -BALANCE- as I plan my weekly class schedule. After all, planning is essential in order to keep me on track! I’m fortunate enough to have access to Yoga in all 4 corners of my own personal globe (the Vancouver lower-mainland) So depending on my mood, schedule and physical state I can find a suitable class, so long as I put some thought into it.

Yesterday was ALSO a CrossFit day and luckily a pretty mellow one at that. To match my Mellow Sunday vibe I headed into Vancouver and did a Yin Yoga class with one of my girlfriends, followed by a delicious Indian feast! (Que weekly Sunday ritual)  Yin Yoga is a particular style of yoga focused on meditation and deep stretching of the connective tissues, or fascia. It is a perfect balance if you regularly practice “Yang” activities such as power yoga, endurance sports or anything high energy.

Speaking of high energy, today I am heading into Squamish to visit my special man-friend and try our luck at cross country skiing in the Callaghan Valley! Today’s menu will be a 45 minute Hot Yoga class, in downtown Vancouver where I can catch the bus up North afterwards. The 45 minute classes are offered Downtown to those who practice on their lunch break, that way they have enough time to get back to work- How awesome is that!?… Yoga for everyone, every (damn) day!